Hanifah, Alia, Daniyal

Student Trustees


Hi, we're Hanifah, Alia and Daniyal and we are your Student Trustees for 2020/21

The Board of Trustees ensures that St George's Students Union fulfils its aim and decisions concerning all areas, from finances and policies to resources for clubs and societies. Our job is to have all of you, the students, as the top priority!

We are passionate about:


  • Ensuring that YOUR voices are heard!

  • Improving communication between the student community and the Students' Union!

  • Making the changes that YOU ALL need to have a better St George's student experience!

In this role, we will be able to take your suggestions, complaints, and feedback and ensure that they are being brought forward to the wider student committee and Students' Union! Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or if you have any concerns:

We'd love to hear any feedback and suggestions that you may have so please get in touch: student-trustees@su.sgul.ac.uk

Visit the Governance pages to find out more about how the SU is managed.