Chisom, Mariam, Lima, Tara

Communications Officers

Hi, we're Chisom, Mariam, Lima and Tara and we're your Communications Officers for 2020/21

Our goal this year is to better connect you, the student body, with the Students' Union and the University.

We’ll be keeping you updated via regular newsletters, social media, and the SGSU website. We will also introduce a ‘Student Voice’ column to the newsletter to provide a platform for students to share their experiences or highlight relevant issues.

The upcoming year may be challenging due to the pandemic, but we have a lot planned which we hope to implement with your help.

Here’s to a year that may be different, but together we can make it great!


All the best, 

Your Comms Officers

Please contact us on if you want your society or events to be featured in the newsletter, contribute to content for the ‘Student Voice’ column or have any other queries.